April 13, 2009

TV: flipping, surfing, zapping....

i love TV. it's one of my favorite time-wasting things. i've always loved TV, and as a kid had my own TV in my bedroom. it was my childhood insomnia and having a tv in my bedroom that introduced me to the letterman show and SCTV. i can't imagine living in a house without tv.

i did go without cable for a few months in columbus back in 1997, and regularly complained that it felt like i was living in "little house on the prairie" times.

anyways, the only show i tape and watch every week is 30 rock. other then that, i'm big on just getting the remote and "flipping channels" (i prefer that term to channel surfing, which sounds too athletic.) and of course i have a method. i'm an OCD girl, duh!

how to flip channels:

get on the couch in comfy clothes, with your spouse/ roomie/ friend, a beverage and a dog or 2

pre-program the remote to your favorite channels (no sports channels allowed!)

start on the lowest channel (channel 3 at our house)

hit the "favorite" button to move up through the channel list

(we have our "favorites" set to the networks, christian tv, news channels, movies, bravo, the gay channel, and anything not sports related)

find 2 shows that are semi-interesting and then use the "last" button to go between the 2 shows

flip between the 2 shows, & never watch commercials

if both shows go to commercials at the same time, you must start flipping ahead using "favorite" button

ask your spouse/roomate/mother to remember the 2 channels you were watching (you'll forget, and they will too, so you're kinda screwed...)

once the time changes to a new hour (from 7:59 to 8:00pm) you have to start from the top (because i said so.)
lather, rinse, repeat and enjoy!!!!


glittermom said...

Obviously you have to be afflicted with OCD to follow this form of tv viewing....

SDS said...

I have been known to watch two episodes of House at the same time and be totally straight regarding who was bleeding from where.

This is hardcore TV aptitude.