March 16, 2013

SNL, another childhood influence...

the first episode was hosted by george carlin 

i hated chevy chase

gilda was my favorite 

yeah, i hated chevy chase.

belushi was my other fav

the show premiered in october 1975.  i have strong memories of seeing it when i was 5 or 6, after we moved to kentucky.  there was something about something so... subversive, that i loved.

same thing with when i discovered mary hartman, mary hartman, soap, maude, and david letterman.

at least i had mr. rogers to balance out the adult stuff!


glittermom said...

everyone hates Chevy Chase, hes a jerk...

glittermom said...

Saturday Nite Live, Mtv videos, crazy sitcoms, Puff&Stuff...Was TV better in those days?

jen said...

tv was way better and weirder!