March 6, 2013

MANDATORY - Personal Conduct and Harassment Seminar

so i'm about to attend this mandatory meeting.  i'm not a fan of meetings.  nor am i a fan of being appropriate in the workplace.

i like to laugh and say bad stuff.  i sit with 10 guys so there is much laughing and horrible jokes.  i love it.

i was going to live blog during the meeting, but i feel like someone might notice.  so i'll take notes and add then to the blog!

my only fear is that all the talk of being appropriate will cause me to develop tourette's.  or maybe jump on a table and protest!  like the norma rae of foul mouths in the workplace!!!!!

ok, it was only an hour, and it was totally boring.  nothing funny to report.  but i'll post this just for the funny pic.

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