June 11, 2012

here we go...

up super early, doing last minute packing & worrying. spending time with the dogs. worrying about the dogs. can't believe we'll be gone for 7 days!

2 of the pastiest, travel anxiety, homebody hermits are heading to a place that reaches temps of 110 degrees.

per wikipedia, the hotel where we're staying has a "reflective surface and concave design can act as a parabolic reflector to create a phenomenon in which the reflected rays of the sun can create dangerously hot conditions at particular points on the pool deck. Employees have called the phenomenon the Vdara death ray." i'm going to get a nuclear tan!

neither of us gambles. but while dan is at his nerd convention, i'm going to head over to the circus circus casino to take black jack lessons. it's a pretty run down casino, but i have to go pay my respects to the casino that hunter s. thompson wrote about in "fear and loathing in las vegas."

i'm going to try and have fun, explore the weird side of vegas. try new things. take tons of pics. yes, fun will be had!

here's a song that i love from a movie i love. here we go...

1 comment:

Carol said...

Don't fall asleep in that nuclear tan area! I still remember horror stories about over zealous tanners who fell asleep on those silver tanning blankets then died and got all shriveled up. So yeah, don't be a statistic!