June 11, 2012

first day in vegas, some random out of order pics...

the tv was broke in the hotel room and you can see that i might have panicked. 

it was a beautiful sunrise outside of denny's at 5am. 

they sell crocs at the cleveland airport! 

weird to find myself somewhere with palm trees. 

hotels in vegas are sparkly. 

i spent about 30 minutes at the pool is the crazy sun and already have tan lines.   (the pool actually sucks.  it's super tiny and there's no deep end.  so one day i'm going to some crazy adults only pool at mandalay bay.  i will be keeping my top on, fyi.)

i like sparkles. 


so yeah, i'm exhausted.  i've been up since 2am cleveland time.  it's now only 4pm in vegas.  i'm so confused.  but i like sparkles!

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Carol said...

You DO know that just because they're being sold, doesn't mean you have to buy them, right?