September 19, 2011

i don't know how to sleep

it's strange, the ways in which i do not sleep. i've been off ambien for close to a month, and my body can't seem to recall how to sleep.

here's what happens:

9pm- go to bed

10pm- fall asleep

1am- wake up

(here's where i try to follow the rules about not turning lights on, no tv, etc...)

1:30am- wide awake

(here's where the pain and itchy skin feelings start)

2:00am- tv on. hoarders, cnn, bra infomercials

3:00am- skin feels like bugs crawling underneath, zaps and tingles

3:30am- stomach ache and IBS kicks in

4:00am- try to lay down and sleep again

5:00am- start to fall back asleep

6:00am- alarm goes off

(sinking feeling kicks in)

i've tried to use CBT tools to help me get the insomnia under control. i practice relaxation techniques and all kinds of positive "self talk".

i follow all of the "sleep hygiene" rules as well. lights are off, no music, no iPad in bed, etc...

we finally took the plunge to go from a queen to a king sized bed, and i got the tempur-pedic "cloud" bed i've wanted. i'm hoping this helps. the bed is highly recommended for people with chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia.

i guess i need to just give it time. not sleeping won't kill me. it sucks, but it could be worse.


twinkly sparkles said...

Hey, I've peeked in on your blog, via Erin O'Brien. I enjoy your sense of things--food, humor, pets, photos....

I've never gone on any prescription meds for my insomnia, but I do find relief sometimes in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), especially acupuncture. It's worth a try if you haven't.

Lately, when I'm desperate, I use a half or whole night-time inbuprofin, but it's not good for the 3-4 am waking---gotta get back up at 6:30. I haven't tried melatonin or tryptophan.

Okay, glittergirl, I'm gonna link to a poem of mine about my insomnia. I know there aren't any answers in there, but just letting you know you are not alone....

Good luck. I am finding some relief at odd times in my peri-menopausal state. Sometimes it makes it worse, sometimes better. I think you are much younger than I am so that probably doesn't apply.

Good luck and best wishes for good peaceful nights of rest! twinkly

Jay Keshe said...

Can't sleep?

I consider it a personal defect. You have something seriously wrong with you. Repent or something.