September 27, 2011

updates on things in life...

griffin is doing well with treatment. the prednisone makes him a little more "antsy" then usual, but he seems good, happy, content, etc... he likes the new king sized bed that is low to the ground.

speaking of that, i LOVE the new bed. it's really helping with the insomnia. i've been off ambien for a month now, and it feels great. i still don't sleep like a normal person, but what's normal? not me!

i'm including some pics of my favorite things: glittery stuff, a well made latte, meatball pizza and eggs in a nest.

eggs in a nest, at cracker barrel, was a nice discovery. it's something i remember my grandma making for me when i was little, maybe 4 or 5 years old. it was my favorite breakfast for years and a happy memory of my grandma.

in other news, dan turned 40, our 5th annual dotditwell party was a blast, and the barn roof restoration is complete! next up, the well cover is being created and i'm going to have the bathroom painted pink.

good times!


Groundcat said...

i love that pic of you

glittergirl said...

it's my crabby face!