June 13, 2006

road trip!!!!!
ok, tonight i am finishing up my packing and tomorrow is my last day at work before bonnaroo. i finally stop being nervous and anxious and just decided to enjoy the trip. i am going to see some amazing bands and i am going with someone who i am crazy about. 4 days of camping doesn't sound so bad with dan! i packed my lucky deck of pink playing cards, so if we get bored i will have time to kick his ass at gin rummy.

this will be my last post for a few days. and if i happen to run into elvis costello i plan on seducing him and running away forever. so if that happens, nice knowing ya!

p.s. more new pics on the photo blog



Anthony Cartouche said...

If you seduce Elvis, that means that Diana Krall will become available for me to scoop up. So go for it!

Anonymous said...

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