March 17, 2009


ok, i also wanted to mention that while we were in chicago, the night i get really sick with a high fever, we saw an old tv show with paul winchell & jerry mahoney. the doll pretended to have a fever and covered its own face in red dots (to fake being sick) and...i swear i saw this and was not just hallucinating from a high fever!

i think i am more afraid of ventriloquist dolls then even clowns, but there's hope!

here's the reason i'm so afraid of them. i saw the ad for this movie as a little kid and it scared the crap out of me. of course i also memorized the poem and begged to see the movie:

more important info on ventriloquist dolls here and the people who operate them here. this is what happens on day 5 of being sick. i blog about ventriloquist dummies. good times...

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