September 30, 2008

like that last episode of "the office" with a 1/2 ton of gravel!

ah yes, thanks to free internet stuff, groundcat and i can stay close across the miles. it's like when pam went to college on "the office" and jim tried to video conference with her! so dan is pam in this analogy i think...

don't expect me to make any sense. i am home sick with a nasty head cold/ sore throat. i am watching "the view". the skinny white christian lady is arguing with bill mahr about his new movie. she's horrible. she spent the entire interview, which was mainly a discussion of religon, rolling her eyes and making snide remarks. the heavy black non-whoopie lady ended the interview by asking him if he'd ever tried asking god if he exists. huh? i go back to my ignostic stance on things.

the landscaper crew is back, this time to put gravel down in the driveway. they got here at 9am and the dogs have been barking ever since.

sore throat, the view, dogs barking for hours, husband out of town...yes, this is pure hell. and yes, i'm going to whine each and every day that groundcat is in philly. i am also going to clean the house like a mofo as soon as i feel better, and shop.

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ginny said...

feel better hunny.