July 29, 2008

a purse full of meat

i want one of these for a pet.
in other news, my 1 week challenge is drawing to a close. i followed all the rules too! i walked the dogs even when it was super hot out. drank tons of water, no booze and avoided fast food.
fast food was the tough one to stay away from. i was at the grocery store yesterday and my blood sugar was plummeting. i would normally have gotten fast food on my way out, but instead i looked around and found an alternative. i saw candy and chips by the register as i waited and felt hungry, but i decided to skip the junk and make a mad dash for the snack aisle and a bag of beef jerky. no fat, high protein, and besides tons of salt, not bad for me. the girl at the register looked at me funny when i asked her to ring up the bag-o-jerky and crammed it into my purse. whatever, i'm on a health kick with a purse full of salted meat!!!
i did notice something over the last week: i am old, clumsy, and have a bad memory. i thought it was too many rum & diet cokes, but apparently i have a horrible memory naturally. i woke up today with a few bruises i couldn't explain, and it turns out i am just clumsy!
so now i have to decide what to do for my next set of "challenges".... definetly something involving exercize. yuk.


glittermom said...

Your rum with diet coke speeds up the absorption of alcohol...non diet, non carbonated mixers are best...Just so you know....


i am not a big fan of rum and diet coke anyways. if i have a drink some evening, it will be a nice, dark, cold beer.

but i've found that one way to alleviate stress is list making! much better the booze and less calories!

Nomy said...


Go there.

Nomy said...

CRAP! It's locked!

Go to LJ and join the mourning souls community. Find it on my page. You MUST see this!


i can't find it anywhere on LJ!


SDS said...

"Beefy jerk" is awesome. When you're in the right mood for it it's very bite-y and satisfying.

I'm sure that these are not words your hero Anthony Bourdain would use.

I heart beefy jerk. Nahmean?


yeah, beef jerky is good for "gnawing"!

turkey jerky is also good, but difficult to find.