July 24, 2008

1 week challenge (using my blog for something actually good for once!)

ok, i feel kinds of crappy lately. lots of work stress, money stress, car stress, dog stress, etc... and i've been having trouble sleeping, drinking beer too often, eating crappy food, etc... just sliding back into old/ bad habits. so now i want to pull myself out of these bad habits, slowly.

lisa ann sent me a cool website that has a ton of ways to track calories, ask questions, post results, etc... it's called spark people and it's totally free. so far i can't get into it, but i am using it in small ways, like getting ideas on how to make small changes towards a healthy lifestyle. they make a point of easing folks into changes. in the past i went on crazy, strict diets and always jumped right in. i think starting off with smaller changes, and going slow will work much better.

week one goals (july 25- august 1st):
1. research bikes (stationary and road bikes)
2. check out exercise classes available in the area, see what's out there
3. no alcohol for the entire 7 days (golden monkey can kiss my ass!)
4. no fast food for the entire 7 days
5. walk the dogs every day
6. drink at least 64 ounces of water a day (3-4 20 ounce bottles)

by tomorrow, i want to be able to list any exercise classes available in my area.

and of course i'm searching online for a cool pink road bike. something vintage looking, with a basket. that's how i wanna roll!!!!!!!!!! per amazon: bikes are generally broken down into three major categories: road and racing bikes, mountain bikes, comfort/cruiser bikes. funny, there's no mention of unicycles or tandem bikes.... i need to find something with glitter, a basket, and a banana seat!

yes!!!!!!!!!!! dan can do the pedalling and i'll sniff flowers. we just need to add a basket big enough for all 3 dogs....


Mojito Libre said...

Well, it's better to start slow because if you do quit, you're not so down on yourself. If you feel like a complete quitter, I think you slide back into bad habits that much worse.

BTW, I wouldn't recommend paying for excercise classes...maybe check out the YMCA. But, if you're starting slow, a daily walk with the dogs is a good start. Since it's nice out, it's kind of a waste to spend it indoors (in a gym or doing nothing).

And I know you're totally into the pink bike, but you could probably find a workable bike at Goodwill or something for cheap.

/by the way, I do not follow my own advice.

Chris said...

I second the taking it slow and in small steps. I did that when I stopped drinking pop and switched to water. I kept eating whatever, but just switched the water in. now it's just second nature. I did it with oatmeal for breakfast too. I'd slack off on exercise, or eating right, but I absolutely had to eat my oatmeal for breakfast, and now it's just natural. I'm trying to do the same thing with my exercise bike. making it second nature. I'm really glad I picked up the exercise bike, because it's convenient, after the up-front cost there's no monthly gym fees, it's in my way when I get out of bed so that I feel compelled to use it, and I can just put on the news or a dvd and pedal away.

I also second mojito's comment about paying for classes. I'd see paying for a personal trainer to help tailor something for you, but unless you're studying some martial art or something, I don't know if I agree with paying for exercise classes. But I'm also one to find a way to exercise at home or by myself so that nobody else has to see me LOL

Chris said...

I was reading about this workout called "shovelglove" http://www.shovelglove.com/

I'm fascinated by it, and tempted to go buy a sledgehammer LOL


basically you take a small sledgehammer and do a shoveling motion, or a chopping motion, or butter churning motion for about 14 minutes, alternating your grip on the sledgehammer.


chris- i just went and watched this video. i am swamped at work, but was intrigues by the name. shovelglove.... yeah, sounds like a cool name for a band.

so yeah, i watched the video and it's real dumb. i will pay money for you to video tape yourself doing that.

mojito- i'm glad you mentioned that you don't follow your own advice.


Chris said...

I will do it AND video tape it if you put up the cost of the sledge hammer.

Mojito Libre said...

I'm thinking just from the guy's pictures that it's kinda dumb...but, you gotta figure...you never really see fat field hands.

I might consider doing this...BEHIND closed doors, of course.

Mojito Libre said...

gotta keep my pimp hand STRONG!

Chris said...

hellz yeah...fo shizzle

jnet said...

they used to (and might still) have a vintage looking pink bike at target and it wasn't all that expensive. i have considered buying it about a million times but seeing as though we are on the 3rd floor with no place to keep it that would just not be logical..
ok, i checked targets site and didn't see it but HOLY SHIT look what i did find.... i might need to move somewhere where i can stop a bike ASAP because i need this fucking thing. seriously.

jnet said...

and ps- the pink bike in the store may not be hello kitty but it is much, much cheaper (under 200)


i wonder if wedding band spinning counts as exercize? excercize? (why can't i spell that word? maybe because i hate it.)

jnet- you are officially a giant spaz! you have a filthy cuss mouth AND you want to "shop" a bike at your place. LOL! now why don't you start blogging again and post some pics?

bossy girl, peace out!