July 28, 2008


the girl who made lists now has a website for list-making. click here to read my lists! (i added a link to this on my peeps & homies list, at the bottom.) my new sister-in-law ginny introduced me to this. it's almost like she wants me to lose my job!!!!!

why do i love making lists? for me, it's a way to combat boredom or stress, and a way to organize my thoughts. i also have a bad memory and lists help me remember the boring crap i might forget (like when to take the trash out) or to remember the stuff i want to avoid (like the dentist.)

lists rule!


ginny said...

consider this your wedding gift ;) i love lists too!!!!!! if you search other people's lists you'll get even more ideas of lists. i also like making lists because if it is a wish list or a to do list it will happen....it may take years but it will happen.

Reasons I have to end my comment:
1. I am supposed to be doing work.
2. I want to go to my listography and make more lists.
3. No one is probably going to read this anyway.
4. This comment is taking up too much space.


oh, i need to make a wishlist!

glittermom said...

Just so you know....YOU are on my list!

jnet said...

i just bought a book from the bargain bin at borders all about lists. if i go back with weekend i'll see if there is another copy for you...it's kinda interesting...definetly worth the 2 or 3 bucks!!

Nomy said...

Good lord, I thought this was a necessary job hazard from the group home. Turns out you were meant to boss entire households of people -and me!- to "make a list to go to the grocery!"


jnet- did you get "the man who made lists"? i already own it. groundcat got it for me. he encourages my list-making!

nomy- yeah, i've been making lists since as far back as elementary school. i probably bossed my stuffed animals. LOL!

glittermom said...

List makers rule!