March 28, 2008

all talk, links, no pics

1. the dogs woke me up around 2am wanting to go out. while i waited for them to come in, i looked out the window by the barn. (we have tons of water collecting out there and i was worried about flooding.) out in the moonlight, i saw 2 deer playing in the yard. the larger one stood closer to the road and seemed to be eating grass. the smaller one was closer to the barn, jumping and hopping and acting really funny. the little deer would jump around and then race towards the larger deer. at the last moment the small deer would turn around and run back. this went on for a few minutes and it was really cool to get to see.

2. my new car reminds me of my first car, a brown amc concord. we called my old concord "the little brown shoe". now i have a "little orange shoe" i think!

3. worst tv show ever: "don't forget the lyrics!!!" (basically "name that tune", but singing the answer.) the lead singer from reo speedwagon was on last night. he's very.....old. gray shag haircut, tight leather pants, just....wrong, for many reasons. he was trying to belt out songs by the pretenders and aretha franklin. horrible. he even did the juice newton song and got the lyrics right (not the jennette version, which goes, "just brush my teeth before you leave me, baby....")

4. here's why i love penn & teller. and here's why i love janeane garofalo.

5. best "worst lunch": starbucks (fat free, sugar free but expensive) and a mcdonald's double cheese burger (cheap but high calorie & fat.) YUM!

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