September 7, 2007

my timesheet from this week:
- off for holiday
tuesday- in the office (9-5)
wednesday- in the office (9-5), then working from home (7pm to 3am)
thursday- in the office (12pm-6pm) then driving home on conference call (6pm-7pm), then working from home (7pm- 4am)
friday- log on from home, turn in timesheet, talk to boss (6-7am)

here's how i explained it all to my sis in an email:

dude. i worked all night. ALL NIGHT. i worked in the office from 12pm to 6pm, then drove home (while on a conference call with work.) i fed the dogs and got online and was working until 4am.

at 10pm i was asked to join a conference call with executives, because things were "blowing up". the call ran from 10pm- 2am and i had to be on to make decisions regarding QA. i had anthony in the office in cleveland doing testing all night with some of the developers, and at 11pm my team in india got in, i then had to coordinate what they were doing.

none of it went well. our QA people did great work and put up with a lot of confusion. it was just messy because developers were rushing to put in final fixes, which broke other things, etc...

by 3am we seemed to be done. i signed off and went to bed. 20 minutes later i got a call on my cell phone asking me to get back online and on the conference call. they needed my sign-off on some things and then i had to send the official email to a ton of people saying we were signing off.

it was around this time i noticed i had written on my "to do" list "WATER THE DOGS". i guess that means i also planned on brushing my house plants. scary to think that i was being asked to make some big decisions on a huge project in that state of mind. but i think when this goes live later today, the end users are gonna love those shiney pink unicorns we added at the last minute!!!!


glittermom said...

I bet the dogs thought you were have a sleep over with them since your office is in the dogs room...Fun huh....did you all have sleeping bags on the floor,,,

Whitey said...

Damnit, quit your bitching and come work with me!!! Well you wouldn't work with me, you would actually be higher than me... It's a sacrafice I'm willing to make...

glittergirl said...

mom- i sat in the nook and worked. i needed room for all my crap while i worked.

it was actually find of fun and exciting, but exhausting beyond belief. but cool to be in the middle of all the excitement and getting to make decisions and stuff.

white-bread- i want to come work with you at the pretty nice company with kick ass benefits. go put in a good word for me!