September 6, 2007

well, i've finally managed to upset my mom. it's a proud day in glitter-ville. i've been blogging for over 2 years and the only time she's ever been bothered was when we debated putting sauerkraut in cabbage rolls. (maybe we need to talk more about that one? ha ha ha!!!) so my last 2 posts have offended my mom. awesome!

let's go for a 3rd.

does everyone have to have a "brave battle" with cancer? on every news broadcast, they always refer to someone's brave battle with cancer. in bold letters. does anyone ever wuss out on cancer? i want to hear a broadcaster say, "on tonight's broadcast, a young girl acts like a total jackass when confronted with cancer." because, if it happens to me, i will flip out. i'll cry and complain a lot. i will act like a jackass, and we all know it.

ok, next post, possible topics: abortion, the death penalty, and the homeless.


Whitey said...

I've always found the idea of being brave for other peoples sake rather stupid. Like we need to pretend we don't care so someone else can feel what? Wrong that they care so much because I obvioiusly don't?

Although, if diagnosed with cancer, I would probably be "brave" and pick up smoking just to show cancer doesn't have me scared.

glittermom said...

Good gosh...whats with all these serious posts...lighten it up...we wanna laugh...