September 20, 2007

the internet is full of random, upsetting and disturbing info. i'm still recovering from the brian peppers days. this lovely pic was mentioned on opie and anthony, so i thought i'd share it with y'all. it definitely makes my "worst photo ever" submission seem not too bad. another upsetting photo i found recently is a polaroid of courtney love, take from her myspace page. she looks emaciated. and let me state for the record, i am not a chubby girl who is threatened by skinny chicks. i love the skinny girls and think some of them are beautiful. just not when bones are jutting out. courtney love seems to be veering into michael jackson territory, and becoming one of those celebrities who have too much plastic surgery. you wonder, is anyone close to them telling them to stop? ok, i am done with the soapbox rant for now.

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