September 20, 2007

some random blogging, just because i am the boss of me!

dear japan, stop with the f'in robots!!!!!!!!!!!!

conversation heard in my office this morning: "hey, who brought the gummi centipedes?" everyone turns and looks at me, and someone says, "who do you think?" should i be offended?

in other candy news: i was all set to recommend the bazooka pops over blow pops, until i noticed a strange occurance. a small airhole in the bazooka pops makes it harder to get your suck on. and they all seem to have it! it's a shame, because the cherry bazooka pop tastes awesome.

i am excited to report i wore the same pair of pants to work 3 days in a row. it's not gross, i'm conserving energy by not doing as much laundry, saving the planet!

i enjoy a mcdonald's happy meal now and then. (a 4 piece chicken nugget w/a powerade to drink, if you're asking.) the toys can be good stuff. i forgot about one until i found it in my jeep this morning. i tossed it into my purse and just now took a look. i've never been so confused by a toy in my life. it's a little stuffed monkey-bird looking thing, with a banana for a mouth. it comes with a green colored pencil with "vietnam" written on it. i'm so confused.... the directions that come with it show an illustration of how to insert the vietnam pencil into the bird-monkey-banana-mouth dolls bum. i feel a little scared..... this can't be right........there's a name on the wrapper, so we'll see what wiki says about this "camp lazlo" business. ok, lazlo is a spider monkey, but i can find no info on why a green pencil marked "vietnam" is included in the package.
(i did spend time doing google searched and here's what i found when i searched for "vietnam & green pencil":)


Jay said...

Hey! You're not alone...I searched for vietnam and mcdonald's toy and came across your webpage. I'm just as confused as you are..did you ever find anything out?

glittergirl said...

no word. i think it's a conspiracy!