September 21, 2007

i hate computers, and my work computer is offically dead. good thing i have 3 other laptops at my disposal! but no access to work email, IM etc.... and i had to delete all the porn i've been downloading on company time!

i kid. that's a joke. i only use my time to blog and google for funny monkey pics.

also, let me please state that copax is NOT having a good time at work! things in his life are NOT going really well and he is NOT happy! his job is NOT "calm" and he is NOT doing great as manager. (sorry if i jinxed ya copax!!!! i will never say anything good about you again, i promise!)

p.s.- dropping my laptop off to helpdesk was quite something. i had to give them my password ("starbucks666") and the guy looked at me funny and said i was a "naughty devilish coffee girl" (very awkward.) then he noticed the giant scorpion sticker.

yes, i'm 37 years old and putting stickers on my company issued laptop.

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Whitey said...

Humm... Sorry for Copax unless that is just a Jenism for things are going fine.