September 21, 2007

oh my gosh, i want a cabinet of curiosities!!! i need to figure out how to add one to my amazon wish list.... i guess groundcat and i are starting one of our own, filling the house with all sorts of weird stuff. antique wheelchairs, creepy dolls, and now this:

i didn't actually pick this monstrosity out. the lady who owns the coffee shop at work got it special though, just for me. she has all kinds of cool stuff in the shop, including mugs. i've known her for the last few years and we talk. i mentioned wanting to find a mug for my boyfriend. that he liked creepy halloween stuff, and that i wanted a larger mug.

i got in early this morning and stopped for coffee and she came flying out of the back of the store with this gigantic vampire-head mug. i had to buy it, just because she was so excited to have found "the perfect mug" for me.

i think groundcat likes it because it's almost as big as his head!

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glittermom said...

I don't believe they make a mug that big...and your whole house is a collection of curiosities...including people...Just kidding...maybe