July 16, 2007

some bad news (but not too horrible) and a request for advice............

bad news- my little sis and bro-in-law were in a nasty car accident this weekend. the not horrible news is that they are ok. no broken bones. just very banged up and bruised and cut and sore. the car is totalled. but they are all right. another driver (a big truck) ran a red light and hit them. since there were no witnesses, the police said it was a "not at fault" for both drivers. maybe they'll blog about it when they're feeling better.

request for advice- me and that boy i dig are scheduled for an entire week off of work (july 23-27th.) including weekends that's 9 days off!!!! it took me a while to get my boss to approve, so by the time she said "ok", we realized we didn't know where to go. any ideas?

we want to go away for a few days, and we have a dog sitter lined up (the lovely and talented ginny!) so where should we go? keep in mind, we hate the heat, don't have a lot of money, and like to do weird stuff (like the mansfield haunted prison tour.)

come up with a decent vacation idea for us, and you'll win.... something!!!!!!!

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