July 15, 2007

here's the official groundcat quiz!!!!!!

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Chris said...

wow. I need to hang out with Dan more. I only got a 50

vivalarobot said...

dang, i only got a 40...but there were 2 that i was close on, does that count??

pixiechick said...

hmmm.... mody-gody ... Flintstones??? This pixie is losing her fairy dust quickly ...refresh my tiny little brain???? and da plants!

glittergirl said...


chris & j-net- as my mother says, dan is an enigma. :)

glittermom said...

This test was fixed...I know his middle name really is Bubba...and if Brian Pepper got 100% does that mean Peppers and Groundcat are one and the same? hmmmm

Groundcat said...

i am "The One". Even I didn't get 100%!! Some of you other slackers better get to know me a little better. There will be review sessions offered for a modest fee. Final exam is September 26th.

Chris said...

son of a...!! This is why I stopped after my bachelor's degree, I got tired of taking tests! I thought I was out, but they pulled me back in!