July 16, 2007

i thought i'd blog twice in one day, if only to upset chris. (items are not listed in alphabetical order, or by order of importance.)

1. blog comment bossing: seems like my bossing worked. chris went on a commenting "rampage" last week. he wins the honor of "top commentor" due to not only the number of comments posted, but the funny crap he said. stacy is a close 2nd, and i am still laughing about her "capote" comment on the movie poll blog post. i am also still laughing at how many of my friends got "annie hall" as their result and were pissed about it. that movie kicks ass & you should take it as a good thing!

2. crocs: also, my mom didn't want her mother's day gift of yellow crocs, so i got dan a pair with the return item due bill (see below:)

too bad crocs are super cool (read about it here) and hip! i bet stacy will not agree with that last statement. or magalotti! my shoe fiend friends will hate crocs, i just know it!

3. new peep/ old friend: welcome my mysterious friend T to the blog list of peeps and homies:

(we had fun riding that roller coaster!)

5. blog theft: MSN stole one of my blog themes and wrote about the allure of sad bastard movies (here.)

6. concert review: we saw bob dylan play saturday night. the show got a great review (here) but we ended upleaving after 4 songs. of course the good review is in the PD, and he did play the "PD pavillion"....i smell a conspiracy! or maybe we were too picky. the crowd was on their feet cheering anytime they even so much as recognized a familiar lyric (even if the version he played on stage was muddy and rushed.)

7. movie review: bossy groundcat bossed me to watch another one of his movies. we've watched about 95% of his film selections and 2 % of mine. the other 3% is the crap we watch on cable that no one would ever select. (yes, i am bitter, LOL!) anyways, we watched lady in the water, which got horrible reviews. i liked it. you just just have to employ a little of this! (duh!)

8. groundcat quiz: the results are shocking! glittermom thought she'd take the lead, but her hopes were dashed. his sister thought she'd ace it too, but some of the music questions there her off. and the youtube questions is one everyone got wrong. that boy has had 10,000 people watch his most popular video. go check out his demented work here. he's got 22 videos up and posted, and you can see how many people have viewed and commented on each one. i highly recommend "anger management" and "vibrato". am i a groundcat groupie???

9. mouth harp & dogs: i yelled at griffin when my super cool snoopy mouth harp fell on the group and he picked it up in his mouth and ran with it. i said (out loud), "griffin, that's not for dogs!!!" then i saw the package:

um, yeah, i guess it is for dogs!

10. blog map: go check out my map! i've had someone from every continent except africa. come on africa, step up!!!! (i know you've got AIDS and famine going on, but my blog map is looking bare!)

11. blog-cation: i am thinking of taking a week off from this blog while we're on vacation. you'll all miss me and my bossing......or maybe not. july 23-27, i will finally shut my yap.


glittermom said...

I see Groundcat gets to wear my mothers day gift..happy mothers day.

Nomad said...

Um. This comment thingy now remembers me. What's that all about?! I smell conspiracy!

Anyway, so yeah. I agree with David: you look like a spun troll doll! WEEEEEEE!!

vivalarobot said...

it's bad enough that you fools have matching shoes, but the fact that they are crocs may be the gayest thing. ever.

Chris said...

Leave the crocs to the high school kids there, folks. They're not meant for you old people. They don't have the traction nor arch support you people require in your elderly years.

glittergirl said...

glittermom- you are spoiled. you didn't want the crocs, so NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

nomad/t-bone malone- this blog knows all, sees all......

jennette- we also have matching hotmail accounts.

chris- yeah, you are dead to me. and you ain't no spring chicken either!

glittermom said...

At least Chris has enough sense not to wear rubber shoes....

Chris said...

HAHAHA g-mom's got my back, yo!

Groundcat said...

that's it, i'm giving the crocs to Griffin. ain't no one calling me a freak for wearin rubbers!

glittergirl said...

griffin is cool enough to wear those crocs, but he'll need a 2nd pair.