July 9, 2007

fun with the scanner.......
"we are zee robotz......." my favorite song by kraftwerk. notice how lisa ann has 2 sets of eyebrows in the pic, because she has actually eyebrows to begin with! it's a pic snapped when i was visiting lisa ann in columbus. it's fun pretending to be creepy robots!

the above are some of my favorite pics from a visit lisa ann & i made to visit her mom in swanton. we brought my dog miles and had a blast. we even had a "fashion show" and i did my meatloaf impression (upper left photo.)

scanners are a way to put really embarrassing photos on the internet! everyone needs to be afraid!!! (especially rachel....i've got some high school photos where she had what we now affectionately refer to as "box hair".)


glittermom said...

I wonder why theres a picture of a red fork hanging on the wall over the couch?

Rachel said...

J-E-N-N-I-F-E-R (in a very stern voice)
Don't you do it!