July 10, 2007

bossy blog time........

little sister: "mike and i realized something this morning-while you are busy bossing (or trying to boss anyway) people to blog, you are living with someone who is fairly blog lazy! you need to start bossing groundcat to blog. duh!"

me: "um, yeah, don't you think i try to boss my blog-lazy boyfriend to blog???????? i do. so does mom. maybe you and mike need to post some bossing on his blog. i think he thinks no one reads it. when people comment, it makes it so much more fun, ya dig?"

i update this blog almost daily. and yes, i am sure it's occasionally boring. but look at my little map! "Running total of visits to the above URL since 5 Jul 2007: 147. Visits on previous day: 34"

i once sat and listed everyone i know who reads my blog, as well as strangers who have somehow stumbled upon my blog and commented. and the list was around 50 people! that's not including my beloved mexican spam or nasty anonymus comments!
in looking at my blog results, i've had some good responses. it's usually the polls that get the most comments. i asked about everyone's favorite band and got 18 comments. creating a perfect sad bastard mix CD got 13 comments. song to make you cry got a ton of responses. this post got 20 comments and i don't even know why! i know we love to argue and debate things like "the best sandwich ever" and if putting sauerkraut in cabbage rolls makes sense. and my post about being in LUV got a good 20 comments. sometimes the best stuff ends up in comments! fights with my mom were popular here and here. my favorite post about glittermom is here.

so what's my point: if you read a blog, leave a comment. not everytime you read it, but maybe once in a while, if something moves you or makes you giggle. fellow bloggers seem to be better about this. because we realize how the interaction in comments makes blogging so much more fun!

example: on the post below (the poll for what movie represents my love life) my results are posted. SDS was kind enough to post a comment raging against the poll and her results (i would too if "pretty woman" came up as my result!) but did you know my dear friend rachel also took the test and was equally upset about her results? (she got "annie hall" as her love life film and was livid, which was hilarious.)

so what am i bossing about today? i am saying, if someone works on a blog, leave a comment now and then! jennette & mike, go over to groundcat's blog and boss him to blog! rachel, leave a comment about your movie poll results! it only takes a few minutes and my blog is open to all, including anonymous.

he he he.... that was a fun rant.

and it's fun to do this while on the clock. i am not the only one, read this.


Anonymous said...

i'm posting a comment that I have no comment. hee hee.
I love reading blogs and will admit that I'm very deficient in my commenting. I will try to do better.
Satisfied my dear friend glittergirl? :o)

Rachel said...

I didn't mean to make my comment anonymous.
It was me... RACHEL!

glittermom said...

STOP with the bossing already...geesh! Maybe sometimes we just don't have anything to say...

Chris said...

*insert rudimentary comment to satisfy glittergirl's obsession here*

Sladj said...

OK, OK, I'm still reading my dear . . .even if you never come to visit me :( By the way, my movie was Casablanca

glittergirl said...

rachel, i love when you comment, but that won't stop me from putting up photos of your box hair from high school. or your wedding pic with hair as big as an easter float.

sladj, see comments to rachel ABOVE. (although you never had the big hair... but you must have done something embarassing that i have photographic evidence of!)

glittergirl said...

and chris- see my comment on jennette's blog (above boys being dumb)

TBM said...

I agree!

BTW, mine, too, was Annie Hall. HAR!