September 23, 2012

planning for next week...

so, next week, the work week for most, is looming ahead of me.  i'm not used to this unemployment thing.  i have some plans to meet friends/former coworkers for lunch.  i have a job interview on wednesday.  which is good.

besides all of that, i want to focus on 4 things:

1.  finding a job (duh)
2.  going to the gym every day (it's paid for through the end of the year)
3.  home improvements (simple stuff that i can do on my own)
4.  healthy & inexpensive eating (we can eat all the fruits & vegetables!)

i think if i keep focused on these 4 things, i'll be good.  less tv, more walks.  less wine, more water.  less pinterest, more dog walking.

i want to find new things to photograph, new ways to be creative.  ways to be creative that don't cost money.  maybe get the dulcimer out, or the bass guitar.  paint some bad paintings.  draw some weird drawings on the iPad.  it's all free!

i'd like to go out into the woods and try to find deer antlers.  we found one once.  if i could deal with all the bugs and spider webs, i'd be fine.  maybe i can find an inexpensive bee keeper suit?

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