September 24, 2012

and fun was had by all....

the birthday boy, totally surprised by the little party

chris cannot take a photo 

chris really cannot take a photo 

cool belt buckle thing of the guy from that rob zombie movie and cool moth sweatshirt 

classic jennette pic 

classic gilly & chris pic 

my mom 

elton john! 

cool belt buckle pic 2 

 artsy wine pic

ok, that's it.  we had a great time with our tiny little pizza party.  it was so much fun being able to surprise dan.  the dogs were ok.  fun was had.


glittermom said...

The pizza was delish! I could do without the Gilly smooches....

glittermom said...

That looks like finger tips floating in that wine glass! maybe..

Groundcat said...

@glittermom, i thought the same thing about the finger-tip ice cube!

Again, thank you to all!

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