August 26, 2012

happy to be home...

the surgery went well.  it was "the easy" version, no incision in my belly.  i feel ok.  i didn't like being in the hospital overnight.  i missed dan & the dogs.  but it was only 1 night.

i've had so many friends, people on facebook, etc... offer to help out.  i feel like a very lucky girl.

and my surgeon is great.  she's hilarious.  and she emailed me pics of my uterus, on request.  i won't post those pics, don't want to freak anyone out.

when i'm all healed up (around 3 weeks) i'm going to have a blast.  this fall will be amazing.

here are photos from the hospital...

looking cute before i'm sliced & diced 

trying to order a pizza while i wait for surgery 

the IV, my least favorite part 

 post op bed head

my fancy blue toenails, to impress the surgeon 

i drank 4 cups of coffee the morning after surgery!


Andrew Quixote said...

I'm glad they didn't excise that wonderful sense of humor you have! You consistently make me smile. Glad you are home and you are okay.

glittergirl said...

Being able to laugh when times are tough, that is my survival instinct.

I love being home & healing. Things hurt, but it will only get better.

Thanks for the kind words Andrew! You're my favorite blogger!!!