August 19, 2012

a day of fun with my girls...

i've been pretty preoccupied with my upcoming surgery, getting the house cleaned, etc... so yesterday was a total treat.  i went to norwalk OH to have a "girl's day" with my work friends.

when i say "girl's day", i mean we did it in our own way.  we ate lunch at a greasy spoon diner, checked out kim's new/old theatre (no keys yet, so we just peaked in through the windows, and then we got pedicures.

i met kim's 3 cats.  i love meeting new cats & dogs and taking their pics.  i know, shocking!

and we laughed and said dirty inappropriate things, talked about our husbands (3 girls who seriously love being married), then laughed and talked some more.

this was my first little road trip in the new car.  wow, i'm more in love with that car now then ever.  the GPS is so easy to use, the satellite radio is a blast (i went between old school country and indie rock), the heated seat for my hurting back, and i got to drive 75 on the turnpike.  weeeeee!!!!

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