June 17, 2012

unexpected vegas...

i've been in vegas for close to a week.  everything starts to look and sound the same.  blaring dance music at the pools.  casinos that smell like cigarettes.  hotel lobbies that smell like perfume.  people wandering around with cameras and ill-behaved kids.  ugly carpet.  rude 20-somethings.  sad old people sitting at slot machines.

can you tell i'm ready to come home?

but yesterday we randomly picked a casino and got to experience some un-vegas type stuff.  the luxor is an egyptian themed casino.  we walked in hoping to grab lunch and ended up at "taco's and tequila". it was awesome!  there was a mariachi band and the fish tacos were great, as was the spicy apple margarita.  who knew egyptians liked mexican food?

we walked around, trying to find the criss angle gift shop to buy something for my sister, but it was closed.  we decided to walk over to madalay bay and check out the shark reef aquarium.  on the way there we found a giant statue of lenin, with no head, covered in pigeon droppings.  not something you'd expect to see in a mall in vegas.

the shark reef was great.  we got to see a giant octopus and some beautiful jellyfish.  nice to be out of the casinos and doing something different.  

here's a link to my pics from the day.


Carol said...

I tried to post a reply but it didn't take, stupid internet!

This is so wonderful! The mariachi band, the margaritas, I love reading your updates. I'm so glad you're having fun!

glittergirl said...

it's been fun and interesting and exhausting. being in better shape makes it easier to do all the walking. and having a great dog sitting aunt for the dogs really allowed me to relax.

tonight, zip lining! or zip cording. whatever it's called, i'm doing it.