June 16, 2012

new hotel and my big slot machine win

we settled in to the new hotel.  it's got a neat modern vibe and it's right by some of the big casinos.  we walked over to bellagio and of course i took a lot of pics.  then we decided to try the slots.

we chose the wheel of fortune slot machine.  i had $5 of carol's money left, so i started with that.  i ended up winning!  $25!  then i played with our money and i won another $40.  we had a lovely waitress who brought the free drinks and we tipped well.

we went to an asian restaurant (noodles).  it's located near the gambling table set aside for koreans.  interesting how they have tables for different nationalities.  the food was "meh", but fun to sit and people watch.

the pool at our hotel is on a roof, about 20 stories below our room.  in the evening it's full of 20-something kids getting drunk and screaming.  so i'm going to sneak down this morning to get a few laps in, before the youngsters show up.  yeah, i said youngsters.

ok, that's it.  i'm posting pics on the facebooks.

click here for general vegas pics.

click here for circus circus pics.

click here for bellagio pics.

oh, today i'm hoping we make it to in-n-out burger.  i'm going to order stuff off the secret menu!

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