June 13, 2012

today was not at all like yesterday!

so i started the day at 5am, catching up on emails.  ordered room service for the husband and i.  called the front desk to report the tv being broken AGAIN, for the 3rd time in 3 days.

talked to a manager who offered to move us to a fancier room.  i said no thanks.  she asked if there was anything else she could do.  i asked if she could comp my daybed at the pool.  (a whooping $50 fee.)  she was happy to do so and i was happy to have gotten my first ever comp.

my morning view

i got to the pool when it opened at 8am.  tipped the girl who took care of me the day before (missed her yesterday when i left.)  i drew a sketch on my iPad, read a chapter of the jenny lawson's memoir, then got into the pool and swam about 10 laps.

my sketch of me reading a book (on my iPad) from the cabana

there were a few kids in the pool.  a little dutch boy who was learning to dive and very cute.  a funny little japanese kid who said he liked the flowers on my arm and told me he was learning to swim from his dad.  cute kid.

the view from floating on my back in the pool

my fingers were turning into prunes so i got out.  sat in the sun for a few minutes.  got back in my little daybed and the waitress brought me my first mimosa.  i thought, "this is just awesome!"

sketch with color!

at that moment, i noticed my favorite lifeguard girl choking, and her clothes were wet.  i thought, "this doesn't seem good!"  i saw my little japanese friend and his dad walk back, and the kid was crying.  the lifeguard spoke to them and he said the kid was ok.  so i went back to my mimosa and another chapter of my book.

warning:  anyone suffering from emetophobia, STOP READING NOW!

the waitress came out with the big bowl-o-fruit and then the (wet) lifeguard came over.  she said, "um... yeah... the pool is going to be closed for 4 hours while we shock it... that kid just threw up in the pool."

so i tipped the waitress (who brought me a 2nd mimosa) and the pool manager said i could come back tomorrow morning for another free day in a cabana.  so i got my fruit bowl to go and made my pilgrimage to the circus circus casino.  click here to see the kabillion pics i took.

it's a weird old casino.  not in the best shape.  it wreaks of cigarette smoke & failure.  i play $5 of carol's money on a slot machine with cats on it.  then $20 of our money on a machine called "golden monkey" (dan's favorite beer!)  i won a little bit (maybe $10) and played until i lost it all.

then i walked around, took a ton of pics.  i made my way up to the "adventure- dome" and got to see a weird trapeze show.

i want a zoltan for our house

i was taking a pic of this zoltan machine and a maintenance guy started moving it to a new spot.  i turned around to take more pics and here's the conversation that ensued:

maintenance dude:  you sure do take a lot of photos!

me:  yeah, i'm totally afraid of clowns!

confused maintenance dude:  well... i guess you came to the right place...

me:  yeah...


glittermom said...

I believe you are in Bizzaro World!!

Carol said...

I'm a little concerned with all this thinking kids are cute stuff.

glittergirl said...

mom, vegas is so bizzaro!

carol, i've seen pics of you with lacey's insanely cute kid. you have no room to talk. LOL