February 19, 2012

photography project

i've had this idea for a while now.  i want to do a formal portrait of my friends and family, the people i love.  i also want to photograph the people i enjoy.  coworkers, kids, the guy who i buy wine from.  the people i dig.

so be prepared to pose!

i think i'm bored with taking pics of the dogs.  and i have always preferred candid shots of people.  so this is a way to try something new.

the photo above is one of my all time favorites.  the guy is named ray jay, and he panhandles outside of the huntington building, downtown.  behind him is one of the most beautiful and historic buildings.  i saw this guy every weekday for 2 years.  he loved to talk about politics.  not real life politics, but stuff he made up or imagined.  on a whim i asked if i could take his pic, and he was happy to pose.

anyways, this is my art project for 2012.

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