February 18, 2012

the one we couldn't save...

my life is all about dogs.  i am constantly talking about my dogs, taking their pics.  i also like to talk about how adopting a rescued dog is so awesome.  i love how our family is full of dogs that were saved from the hard life of being a stray, or worse.  i donate money to the volunteer group that is responsible for rescuing these dogs.

every day, i find myself feeling so lucky to have these dogs in my life.  i once wrote about "what the dogs have taught me", but i had yet to learn this most painful lesson; we can't save them all.

over the last week, a sad saga occurred.  a dog was in trouble, and a handful of volunteers tried to help her.  it was all unfolding on facebook, and every day i checked, hoping to see good news.  but there was to be no good news.

the last time i checked, there were 184 comments on this post on facebook.  everyone was so hopeful, and now we're all devastated.  she is going to be buried at connie's, which is appropriate since she's the one who tried so hard to save this girl.  and she's the one who saved charlie from the same fate.

i've been posting "pet obituaries" on my blog for years.  for the dogs we've loved and lost.  and i wanted to do the same for this girl.  the one we loved but couldn't save.

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