October 29, 2011

update on griffin & the cancer... part III

(my all time favorite pic of griffin. much fun being had!)

well, we've tried 2 different chemo meds (pills administered at home) along with daily prednisone, and we're back where we started. the cancer doesn't seem to have spread or gotten worse, but it's not going away. he's lost more weight and now weighs a few pounds less then gilly. (being on prednisone, he should be gaining weight.)

so we're trying a 3rd kind of chemo, this time an injection. it's just a shot on the back side, every 2-3 weeks. the vet oncologist thinks this one might help. we go back in 2 weeks to see the vet and figure out if it's working.

griffin is an old dog with cancer. that's just the situation. he might get better for a while if this 3td attempt works. all we can do is keep on having fun, spoiling him (bacon!!!) and accept that this is all part of life.

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