October 29, 2011

the human pin cushion & HST...

2 unrelated things:

acupuncture: i had my first acupuncture session. i'm hoping it will help with my chronic insomnia and fibromyalgia pain.

it was a strange experience. the room is kept extra warm. the doctor (my acupuncture dude is an actual doctor and chiropractor!) explained that the needles wouldn't hurt. he showed me how small they are. having been tattooed recently, i can say i have no fear of needles.

he put the needles around my ankles and calves, then the wrists. for some reason the left wrist needles hurt, some sign of imbalance. he then put needles behind my ears (those are for insomnia), my forehead and the top of my head.

i laid there in the warm room for about 5 minutes, then he came back to "tweak" the needles. after another 10 minutes he removed the needles.

he did a 2nd round of needles all over my back, and kept the ones behind my ears in the longest. he also gave me some advice about fibromyalgia and how to adjust my diet (skip the fried, spicy, hot foods). of course i'm cooking bacon as i type this. at least he said wine is fine!

i'm going to continue these sessions for the next 2 weeks, 2-3 times a week. it can't hurt! well, maybe a little... but no pain no gain, right? i think i slept a little better last night. and the feeling after the session was amazing. i felt so relaxed and... i just felt good.

someday i will ask the doc about the chart and why anyone would need a needle in their taint! (i snapped a pic of the chart months ago and my sick coworkers have been talking about it ever since. another reason i love my job.)

hunter s. thompson: i have been feeling a strange wave of nostalgia for the old degenerate lately. i don't know if it's because "the rum diaries" is coming out. i'm excited to see the film, but sort of sad, because it's the last of his works to be published.

i never met the man, but in college i did apply to be his assistant. he accidentally shot one of his assistants (she was only grazed and continued to work for him). i guess i dodged a bullet. har har har!

ok, enjoy these pics!

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