August 16, 2011

non-dog blog

i miss blogging.  i'm bored with just posting the occasional dog pics.  i'm going to try to blog every day for the next week, and include non-dog stuff!

of course i will still write and post pics about the dogs.  that will never stop.  but i want to blog about other stuff.

i need ideas....

here's my list of possible blog posts:

1. childhood memories- my disastrous swimming lessons at age 4, my dream about trolls and the potato closet, the cher barbie doll, my black eye....

2.  what i think is funny.  a list of comedians, authors, tv shows, and things i find funny, starting with childhood to present.

3.  bad tv-  my favorite bad tv shows and why i love them.  (daytime tv= poop talk, nighttime tv= drunk rich people)

4.  the upcoming 10 year anniversary of my weight loss surgery

5.  home improvements

maybe i need to write a new poem or paint a new painting... yes, i think with fall approaching, i'm ready to do something creative!

at least this blog post is a start.... and now to find a weird and random pic on the internets...


glittermom said...

I want a yellow cat with chocolate trim!!!!!!

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