February 25, 2011

dear winter, bite me

 so you say there's a blizzard coming our way?  big deal.  i have to be at work by 7:30am for a deployment to production?  fine.  i was up before 5am, showered, played with the dogs, got gas, mcd's and starbucks, and arrive at work at 7:25am.  so screw you blizzard!

this is a pic of me standing in front of starbucks at 6am, waiting for them to unlock the doors.  venti quad latte, skinny cinnamon dolce, 2 packs of splenda please.

i got to work and found a roll of mentos i'd forgotten about in my purse.  awesome!!!

winter is almost over.  here's a pic of a cute baby orangutan to get you through til spring...


glittermom said...

anybody else show up?

Groundcat said...

not sure what photo is cuter