October 17, 2009

halloween costume ideas...

me: rosemary woodhouse or minnie castavet (see blog post below), lady gaga, gilly or the lawrence welk singer with tiny hands, little edie

dan: hipster dumbass in tight girl pants and PBR, the cop with the mustache in superbad, tom waits hipster fan w/pork pie hat

couple costume idea: harold & maude, ryan adams & mandy moore, richie & margot from "royal tennenbaums", barney fife and thelma lou

ok, all my ideas suck. and we're not even going to any halloween parties, so why am i planning on this? well, dressing up is fun and someday i'm gonna get dan to shave his goatee into a cheesy mustache!

here are some additional pics i found while searching for images. just some cool internet photos....

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