October 15, 2009

rosemary's random blog baby.....

i went to the hair salon and asked for the "rosemary's baby" haircut and she knew exactly what i meant.

i think if she had some starbucks she would have dealt with things a whole lot better...

my favorite dialog from the film:

Guy: [about Rosemary's haircut] What the hell is that?
Rosemary: I've been to Vidal Sassoon.
Guy: You mean you actually paid for it?
Rosemary: I look awful.
Guy: What are you talking about? You look great. It's that haircut that looks awful.

my favorite character from the film:

this might need to be my halloween costume. ruth gordon kicked ass & won an oscar for this performance.


Groundcat said...

hee hee. my clickings through Ruth Gordon revealed a genre called Psycho-biddy. I had an Aunt Alice.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, excellent idea and is duly