August 11, 2009

random list of things that suck and things that don't suck....

quotes that made me happy: my new coffee mug (and my new motto.) i love r.w. emerson quotes. they're almost as good as harlan ellison quotes, but nobody is putting the crazy & mean stuff he says on mugs. they should.

golf sucks: my bag of chips from the vending machine came with a bossy coupon. i guess they're trying to get people to exercise and stuff. this coupon was for a free round of golf, cart not included. if the cart were included, i'd have gone just to ride around the course.

80's clothing makes me giggle: i saw a salesguy in a "cosby sweater" today. he had the rainbow colored sweater AND a fanny pack. searching for an image on google brought up links to people who have "cosby sweater parties". it's like the wolf tshirt. hipster irony!!!

local radio sucks: i was going to write a whole big thing about local radio shows...but i've lost the energy to care. i just think that jokes about incest, rape & cancer, lose their shock value and cease to be funny. i'm all for inappropriate humor, but the shocking stuff has to be funny. saying something for the shock value alone gets boring real fast.

things that don't suck: making lists, our new bed, guacamole, emailing my friends, griffin's eyebrows, rainbow colored spreadsheets, pink grapefruit flavored gum drops, hank williams, the discussion page on wikipedia articles...
p.s. here's a list of food rules. groundcat is the "expiration date nazi" so let's see what he's right or wrong about. (apparently ramen noodle soup & bottled water are always safe, no matter how old....)

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Chris said...

I haven't listened to a radio station in years. I'll listen to music or podcasts on my ipod.