June 2, 2009

unemployed, day 2

home office:

i'm not having fun. i don't know how to relax. i think going to walmart yesterday killed my spirit. i did set up my "home office". i need to work on a "vlog for today". i want to record some kind of video every day. today needs to be musical.... i must dust off the dulcimer!

lessons learned:
  • do not go to walmart, ever
  • if you threaten to kill the dogs too often, they stop taking you seriously
  • do not listen to your "elliot smith & nick drake mix" on itunes all day
  • if the "wine fairy" does the dishes, she doesn't always do a good job & you might have to rewash them in the morning
  • if you watch daytime tv, you will question life
  • get out of the house each day, if only to get overpriced coffee
that's all i got.....

here's my bad dulcimer playing. i need to learn how to tune the damn thing. but i put on lipstick, and tried to play "swanee river". i was reading sheet music, and got my lazy eye on!


Erin O'Brien said...

Love the vid!

glittergirl said...

yes, but you also love clamato! (hehehehe.....i've been thinking all day about that beer & clamato stuff.) blech.

glittermom said...

Your next stop "home shopping" channel tv....

Chris said...

I think you should do a "why I think this topic on the news is stupid" segment for your new vlog