June 1, 2009

unemployed, day 1

so today is the first official day that i am unemployed, out of work, without a job. it feels weird. i know there are worse things that can happen (see dr. z zombie's a go-go blog) and i am lucky to have my health, and a husband who has a job. i got me a sugar daddy!

i woke up with dan at 5:30am but stayed in bed. he left and i bet he wishes he could have stayed in bed. i know i wished i could be up & getting ready for work. and if i were up at 5:30am getting ready for work, i'd be bitching about it and wishing i could stay in bed.

day 1 lesson learned: no one is really happy about going to work, and no one wants to be unemployed. if you have curly hair, you want straight hair, and vice versa.

words of wisdom, and only my first day off!

i shot a little test video. a vlog. i used music from bon iver's "for emma, forever ago" as inspiration. the album was recorded in a little cabin in the woods, after the guy went through a bad breakup and some health problems. i'm hoping that maybe i'll find some way to be creative on these days with nothing to do. "for griffin, constantly underfoot" will be my hit album.

or at least i'll get the kitchen cleaned up and maybe paint the bathroom pink.

i am sporting some pretty awesome bed head in this....


Chris said...

as they say "The grass is always greener on the other side"

but that little taste of your new vlogging is awesome, and you need to keep doing those. It'll be a good way for you to stay creative, and it's high-larious to boot.

glittermom said...

Oh Lordy...please go back to work...

glittergirl said...

ah yes, thanks for the support chris!

and mom, well...... let's hope you're right and i'm back to work soon!