June 29, 2009

little house on the nightmare...

when i've been home during the day (vacation, unemployment, sick days) i find myself watching old episodes of "little house on the prairie". the show was popular when i was a kid, and i even read the books.

the tv show scared the crap out of me as a kid. i vividly remember the older sister going blind, and the episode when laura tames a raccoon and the family dog is almost shot due to a rabies scare. and that mean nellie oleson! what a bi-a-tch!

per wiki: the show carried many themes and every episode was filled with family values, love, friendship, and faith. Adoption, Alcoholism, Racism, and Blindness were popularly portrayed in the scripts. Some plots also included subjects such as addiction to Morphine, Prejudice, Leukemia and even Rape.

good times!

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"I'm feelin' kinda queasy, Paw."
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