June 30, 2009

kickin' it old school....olde skool random!

update: i have a new job i like. i work 40 hours a week and i get a lunch break. people act semi-normal & nice, and it's cool. lots of websites are banned (gmail, facebook, etc...) but blogs are ok. so lunch break is here and i'm gonna kick it old school and get random!

celebrites are dying: and it's sad. i don't want to be snarky and make fun of the dead folks. but does anyone remember how badly michael jackson's father treated him during his childhood? is anyone concerned that his abusive father is going to be getting custody of his children? ah, yes, people are starting to write about this. now i won't have to! here's a quote from good old joe jackson,"I whipped him with a switch and a belt. ... I never beat him. You beat someone with a stick." (he must have gone to the ike turner school of parenting.)

bjork: i've liked her music since college. seeing her concert footage makes me cry. i cried through the whole "vespertine" DVD, and yesterday cried watching the video for "independence". something about her on stage, especially with french horns, really affects me. it's crying in a "good way", but still odd...

also: being a court room artists seems like a cool job. and also old fashioned.

bottles & boxes: in reading the wiki for "little house" yesterday, i started reading about melissa gilbert. she has a memoir out where she talks about all kinds of scandal. one interview online is titled, "I Drank Three Bottles of Wine a Night". again, i don't want to make fun of celebrities going through hard times, but when i saw that all i could think was, "honey, haven't you heard that you can get wine in a box?" i know, not appropriate.
pizza rules: we love pizza. we eat it a few times a week. we try new places. we find favorites and always end up disappointed. i worked in pizza shops all through high school, the small "mom & pop" type. not much has changed, except you can sometimes order pizza online.
it's a simple formula to have a successful pizza shop:
  • have a good recipe for the pizza, especially sauce
  • do not allow snotty kids to answer phones or interact with customers
  • do not allow snotty kids to cook the food in a careless fashion (1/2 cooked pizza is common and it sucks)
  • keep it simple
  • have items on the menu available
  • i'm a pizza genius!!!
another news story: the governor from SC who was busted for having an affair is a dumb story. except this update is interesting. he's similar to the politicians who are busted for having gay affairs and then hire a pastor/religious leader to "consul" them. only this guy is straight. he hired a "spiritual advisor" to fix his marriage, but said that the lady in argentina is his "soul mate but he's trying to fall back in love with his wife..." i think the wife needs to give him the boot, hard, right up the arse.
the end: ok, that's it. none of this was very important or made a lot of sense, but it's my blog and lunch break blogging is fun!

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glittermom said...

Gail Storm also died this week....No one but me would remember her from the 50's tv show..."My Little Margie"