November 18, 2008

autopsy of a blog....

my blog is dead. it has been for a while, slowly dying on the vine. i find myself coming to the blog to check for old recipes, or to find photos of the dogs to show coworkers. the blog is boring and near death.

here's a list of suspects:
facebook (bastards....)
my husband (my blog got boring when i fell in luv)
facebook & my husband combined (he posts on facebook now instead of his blog. traitor!)
bill gates
politics (and my disinterest in the presidential campaign)
my job (no time to blog at work, no fun being had, a very depressing situation that i can't really talk about much, so as to keep my job and all...
pajiba (i had to stop stealing all their good material)
comments- (besides copax & my mom, no one really comments much lately)
links- (no one clicks the links i include, not even my husband)
spam (the canned meat or the internet version, who can say....)
global warming
the invention of snark
virgin rickies
my age
the federal deficit
hippies (damn dirty hippies!)
the freemasons

and now, a story: last night i went to pick up a pizza, and noticed the instructor at the driving school next door looked like steve buscemi. i got distracted & dropped my cellphone. i got home & went inside to get the home phone to call the cell phone, so i could locate it. then i realized that i'd set my ringtone to 1 very quiet "gong" sound. after a few attempts to locate the cellphone by sound, i decided to close all the doors and find it by the light that comes on when it rings. i was laying across the front seats and slammed the car door shut on my head. hard. i have a lump. did i ever tell you how clumsy i am?

finally: the funniest thing i've seen online in ages. thanks to chris for the link. although i never thought LOLcats was all that funny, i can't look at these photos without laughing really hard.

click on the photos to see larger versions. i am convinced that the cat in the middle started it all and is clearly insane...


Chris said...

here's another good one that I can't help but laugh at everytime I see it.


glittermom said...

I bet that cats name is "Hank"

Chris said...

also, that story of you and the car and the door. HIGH-larity personified. that's just classic stuff right there.

At first I was all like...goin to get the pizza
but then, I was all like...oh crap, it's steve buscemi.
*drops the phone* JESUS CHRISTING FUCK!
*hits head with car door* OH SHIT WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!


i also spruced up the blog layout, to make things exciting!

i wish i could have gotten photos of me hitting my head... we could add captions!

glittermom said...



"wow" is right. this is what ya call pizzazz!!!

or however you spell that word.

glittermom said...


jnet said...

i'm not sure why i'm to blame for your blog being dead but i'm honored!! personally i think it's those damn hippies. always blame the hippies!

Mojito Libre said...

ha ha ha. If I wasn't dead inside right now, I would've laughed out loud at those pictures. Much like a clown, I laughed on the inside.

And yeah, that cat in the middle totally started it!

BTW, the new format is cool, thanks for not blaming me for bringin' the blog down, and it could've been could've been coming home from the hardware store having just bought a Garden Weasel (TM) and instead of closing the door on yourself, you could've almost stabbed yourself in the throat with the Weasel. Heh, Weasel.


mojito- you are the boy version of me, and i feel so sorry for you. i think we need to place bets on which one of us will end up in the ER next. we can't be trusted with garden tools, cooking spray, doors, leaves, shoes, etc...

Chris said...

wait, if mojito's the boy version of you, what does that make me?

you know, the guy that broke his leg in high school marching band??

The guy who broke his arm three times before high school???

//it does a body good
///especially mixed with chocolate sauce and ice cream in a delicious milkshake

glittermom said...

maybe you had a little munchen house by proxy going on yourself by yourself...haha

Mojito Libre said...

Munchen House? Is that what they're calling Roloff Farms now?

Not to be a spelling nazi because the way you wrote it out is actually making me laugh a bit (on the inside, of course), but it's Munchausen by Proxy.

Chris said...

OH SNAP!!!!!!!!! You just got SERVED!!!

Mojito Libre said...

Served? Served what? Like pancakes or peanut brittle?

If I'm being served, I would like a medium Orange Julius and a large pretzel.

Chris said...

well, technically you served Jennifer.

Mojito Libre said...

Oh. Well, now that we have that problem figured out...

"I can haz Or@n6e jUL1usses?"