October 6, 2008

stuff and nonsense and dogs.....

thought of the day: no matter how bad things get at work (and today they feel really bad), i am not doing so bad. i might be getting old, wearing a wrist brace for possible carpal tunnel, overweight, eating & drinking the wrong stuff, but i am not this bad. (all snarkiness aside, i still feel bad for the girl. she's got some major mental & substance abuse problems....)

when work gets bad like this, i need to think of my favorite henry rollins quote: When life hands you a lemon, say "Oh yeah , I like lemons. What else you got?"

one thing to cheer me up: one of the funniest SNL skits in recent memory. ok, the funniest non-tina fey skit. lawrence welk, creepy sister act with tiny hands, bubbles....good stuff!!!

in dog news: a work friend of mine mentioned how cute she thought griffin was in photos on my desk. i of course had to show her recent pics on the blog. she's a dog person who has shown dogs in the past. she is convinced griffin is mostly welsh terrier. she says not airdale (as some of us have guessed before) no rottweiler (shut it, dan!) here's my old post on the topic.
i'm gonna post dog pics up at the top for fun!!!!!


Chris said...

You need to breed griffin and sell griffin puppies so that the rest of the world can know the joy of having a crazy gwiffin jump on your lap and knock the breath out of you LOL


sadly, in the last few days griffin has turned into a juvenile delinquent. he has been jumping up on furniture, jumping up on people, and tonight in an apparent fit of rage, he destroyed a dog bed.

photos soon.

in his defense, cleo ripped the dog bed first. griffin just spazzed out and ripped up the inner stuffing.

it looked like xmas snow!

Chris said...

griffin? spazzing? never!

Also, let meknow if I need to have a talk with Cleo in the dog room again. we seem to be making a connection.


yeah, cleo has continued with her "popcorn" barking (i.e. random barking) and we think this may be why griffin is extra-spazz-a-licous.

so your talk might not have sunk in.

there's a lot of dog drama going on over here!


glittermom said...

Seems to me someone else was ripping stuffing out of something yellow not too long ago and it wasnt Griffen...You know what they say...Like father like son...


what was the "something yellow"?

uc freak said...

I read on some pet website they did a blood/maybe DNA test to see what breed a dog was. Maybe you could do it to G? Turns out he's a chihuahua/irish wolfhound/Persian cat mix. Who knew?
On a side note, do you ever just lose the ability to type? It's taken me @ 10 minutes to type the few lines... Maybe I have Alzheimers related carpal tunnel? My hands are sore, but I forget why... Fewer elipses next time?