September 16, 2007

hated band #4 (sorry about this one groundcat...) janis joplin. i know, not a "band", but a musician. and i hated her voice the moment i heard it.

i was about 4 years old and loved looking at the album cover for "cheap thrills" (a few years ago i realized it was an r. crumb drawing, no wonder i loved it.) anyways, i begged my parents to play the actual album, and when they did i was horrified.

almost every guy i've dated has a few joplin albums, and i just don't get it. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. but that album cover kicked ass..... i knew it was "naughty" and loved it.

i also loved looking at my mom's paperbacks of "sybil" and "helter skelter". no wonder i am so......weird!!! (screwed up, but loveable, right?) not unlike one of my idols, tina fey. which brings us to some important news and an "i told ya so!"

i told ya so!!! "30 rock" won an emmy for best comedy last night. yes!!!


SDS said...

And James Spader robbed James Gandolfini, too.

Which makes me giggle, beacuse I have an inexplicable crush on the new neurotic chubby James Spader, not the 1980's Molly Ringworm Torturing James Spader.

glittergirl said...

james spader??? he's so....smarmy! besides his feathered-hair rich boy (blaine) in "pretty in pink", he plays a creepy-creep in "sex lies and video tape." it's like how i can;t look at charlize theron and not think of her in "monster".

also, wasn;t the tony soprano character a chubby neurotic?

maybe chubby neurotics are all the rage? there's hope for me yet!

SDS said...

I said it was an inexplicable crush! It is!