September 16, 2007

weekend extravaganza!!!!!!

my mom gave me some cool baked apple thingy. they turned out pretty good, but the photo above caused me to exclaim, "get to an emergency room!" it just looks....well, use your imagination. or go to and find some horrible photos of hemorrhoid surgery gone wrong.

cool house stuff... halloween is the best time of year to get "decor".....although the little glass pigs are xmas ornaments. (we won't even discuss why xmas crap is out in the stores in mid-september....)

griffin loves dan. a lot. he likes to steal dan's slippers and put dog bones on them. it's called "found art sculpture". the image on the right shows, "mixed media installation #6: dan slippers, cleo bone and partially decapitated ground hog".

and finally, check out the vanity plates we saw over the weekend:


i've seen this guy on home shopping network many a sleepless night with the insomnia. his wikipedia entry is awesome. his real name is stephen paul and he's from pittsburgh!

one more thing: i had a revelation this weekend, while eating jelly bellys, and here it is (prepare to have the windmills of your mind blown!)

lime is no ones favorite flavor

ok, calm down. seriously. now think of jelly beans, popsicles, etc... does any kid say, "hey, save me the lime one!!!" no, of course not. everyone is either a grape, cherry or orange flavor kid. i've always been a cherry girl. if someone told you their favorite flavor was lime, you'd think they had something wrong with them. and you would be right. it's like saying the foo fighters is your favorite band. it's just not right or possible. they're a decent band and you have some of their CDs, but it's not the band you'd jump off a bridge to see in concert. just like a lime jelly belly is ok, but it's not the one you'd beat your boyfriend up over. that would be "very cherry".


SDS said...

This entire post is dead-on. 100%.
I have no complaints about this blog.

glittergirl said...

hahahahahahaha, awesome!!!!!

glittermom said...

Well I guess I am the wierd one...I love the green life savers, green jelly beans and green Jujy Fruits...My favs...So you can have all the cherry ones you want...

Nomy said...

Excellent post!

For the record, I'm an orange girl. But if the pack has those white lemon ones in it? I'm hard lovin' those, also.

Just sayin'.

glittergirl said...

yes, i am cherry all the way, but i wouldn't kick a banana popscicle to the curb!

(what does that mean? i need more coffee....)