September 26, 2007


i got a new cheap little digital camera and i am testing it out. go to my photo blog to see the results from day one.

jennette has taken up needlepoint, which is gross. (i say this on account of my string phobia.) she's got pics of it on her blog.

there are signs up all over work for some "walk for the cure!!!" thing, and well as the "dress casual for the cure!!!" rip-off (pay $5 to wear jeans, you know how i feel about that. i said to my boss today, "if wearing jeans and walking around is gonna cure cancer, then i'm about to cure cancer, every day!" i don't know what i meant by that, except that i want to wear jeans and wander around the office aimlessly, and if i can cure cancer while doing that, i'm down with it.

ok, i am going to add a picture of me at the gas station in the rain, with a fake smile. enjoy!


glittergirl said...

i love this photo of me, and i think i know why. i mean, it's very rare that i actually like any pics of myself. i am super unphotogeneic.

why do i love this dumb pic? because i look like a chubby tina fey!!!!!

come on, don't ya see it????

Chris said...

umm, no

glittermom said...


glittergirl said...

yes, nerds rule!

SDS said...

This post reminds me of last night's US Office episode, where everyone had to do a 5K to cure Rabies, despite the fact that hardley anyone gets rabies, and it's already cured.